Public Lecture – The Stupidity of the Crowd and the Wisdom of the Swarm – Dr. Peter Gloor, MIT

Date: April 17, 2014, 17:00 – 18:00
Location: Museum Bärengasse, Bärengasse 22, 8001 Zürich

“The Stupidity of the Crowd and the Wisdom of the Swarm”

by Dr. Peter Gloor, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Hosts: Verein Daten und Gesundheit and WIRE – Web for Interdisciplinary Research & Expertise
Financial Support: ETH Zurich and University of Zurich

As there is limited number of seats, please register for free:

It has become popular to tap into the “intelligence of the crowd” on the Internet. This talk argues that more often than not, the crowd flips from intelligence to madness, showing more characteristics of football hooligans than complex problem solving behavior. This is in contrast to what I call “creative swarms”, where small teams of intrinsically motivated people work together in Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs)  to invent something radically new. The key difference is in motivation: crowds are motivated by money, and/or power and glory, while swarms are intrinsically motivated by the problems they are trying to solve.
The talk also introduces a collaboration scorecard made up of five key variables indicative of creative swarms. The variables are computed by analyzing global communication on the Web, in Twitter, and Wikipedia, in organizations through e-mail, and in small teams through sociometric badges.
The talk will  be illustrated by many examples, with emphasis on healthcare. It introduces the Chronic Collaborative Care Networks (C3N) project at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where COINs of medical researchers, physicians, patients and their families are working together to improve the lives of patients with Crohn’s Disease. A second example is the Home-Visiting COIIN, where peer-networks of young mothers on welfare are being created.

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